Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CVS: $5/$25 Coupon Available--Two New Links

According to Money Saving Mom, there are two more links for the $5/$25 coupon for CVS. You take the same short quiz about the flu and receive a $5/$25 coupon. The difference between the three coupons is they have their own unique bar code.

Link #1 Posted HERE

Link #2 HERE

Link#3 HERE

Check out the weekly CVS deals here.


  1. I have taken this quiz twice and it would not print the coupon either time. The button comes up for me to click on, but it never brings up the coupon or prints. Anyone else having a problem with this?


  2. Hey Marie,

    You're going to the different links, right?
    I was able to print from link #2 and link #3 just fine. Link #1 gave me trouble the first quiz I took. So I would go out and retry. Let me know how it goes.