Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WAGS: Making the Most of Shopping at Walgreens

Walgreens (WAGS)

Here is the post I promised at the end of the year. We have a brand new Walgreens in our town, so I will be giving the weekly highlights, too.

Walgreens program is a lot like the CVS program except their program has Register Rewards (RR). There are also some other notable differences:

---WAGS DOES NOT have a loyalty card which must be used with each purchase.
---You may have to buy multiples to get the RR but you cannot buy 2 of same item and receive 2 RR on the same item in the same transaction.
---You cannot “roll” RR from one transaction to other on the same items.

But you can use RR to purchase another item that produces RR.
---RR are treated as manufacturer coupons when checking out.

The issue with that is you must purchase as many items as you have coupons(WAGS Policy). Sometimes this makes it somewhat difficult to stack RR with manufacturer’s coupons. This is where you can use fillers (gum, candy bar, clearance item) to maximize the transaction. (Fillers are items you purchase with a transaction that allow you to not have a negative balance on a purchase.)
---WAGS also has coupons in their weekly sales ad and a monthly savings coupon booklet that can be used on specified items. For the most part, these are counted as a sale item. These can be stacked with manufacturers coupons and can create a lot of freebies.
---The order I’ve found that works best for giving coupons when ringing out is:
1.) RR
2.) Manufacturers coupons
3.) In ad coupons/Wags monthly savings ad coupons

***I interchange #1 and #2, but I usually always give #3 last.

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