Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Last 2 KMart Shopping Trips

Since I've reported my KMart  shopping trips all week, I didn't want to leave you hanging on my last two days of shopping. I must admit, even though I thought the new Double Coupon Event rules were a little ridiculous, it did take some pressure off of me. What I mean by that is:

-I didn't have to get all my coupons together for one huge shopping trip.
-It didn't take me hours on ends to complete the shopping trip.
-I didn't get overwhelmed trying to make sure all my coupons doubled. It was easier to detect with only five coupons.
-I enjoyed visiting my KMart for a whole week straight...I don't know that I've ever been in KMart that much in one week.

But as I stated in another post, my KMart is literally 1 minute from my house. I know it was a little more difficult for other shoppers. Yet I hope some of my readers were able to score some freebies, and that some of this week's post were helpful. Did you get anything good or a great deal this week at  KMart?

Shopping Trip#6 & #7
(My hubby got 5 items today as well)
I splurged a little and got the 7 Up. There's also a Starbucks drink missing. :/
$56.95 worth of product for $10.97 plus I'm submitting a $5 Mail-in rebate for the Windex. :)

So the totals for the whole week@ KMart:
$137.95 worth of product for $18.89-$5 MIR=$13.89 Out of Pocket!

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