Monday, August 16, 2010

What's For Dinner Monday

Okay, so last week I totally flaked on my Meal Planning. We had an extremely stressful and busy week so we ate whatever all week (pasta, hot dogs, frozen pizza, etc). I'm rather glad that last week is behind us, and I'm looking forward to planning out this week a little better. :)

Since I missed last week's meal plan post, here's all the totals:
Two weeks ago-$25.52
Last week: $12.21
This week: Nothing yet

With our first week of homeschooling in progress, I'm planning REALLY simple meals. Here goes:

Frozen Skillet Meal that I scored for free :)

Out for my birthday with a freebie coupon :)

Shredded Beef Tacos, Spanish Rice, Guacamole, Salsa

Garlic Fried Chicken Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob

Pizza Night and Campout...1st week down :0

Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin, Brown Rice with Mixed Veggies


Snacks: Peaches, Plums, Cucumbers, Cheese, Popcorn, Yogurt, PB&J

Dessert: Cookies, Ice Cream 

For other great recipes be sure to check out Meal Plan Monday.

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