Saturday, November 14, 2009

My $1.67 Shopping Trip at Target!

I went to Target last night and had the best shopping trip ever. I did the deal with the Leapfrog Alphabet Pals. Details here. (Now there is only 1 more hours available to do this deal.) Here is how the trip played out:

I went to Toys R Us and grabbed the sales ad and then headed to Target. As soon as I got into Target, I ran back to the toy department. I started looking for the Pals, and when I got to the shelf it was empty. :( Of course, you might say I was more than disappointed. I wondered around in the toy department trying spot them on display or a random one lying around. No success.

I pretty much excepted that it wasn't meant for me to buy them. As I was leaving the toy department in defeat, here comes the stock guy with THREE in his arms. I just about screamed!! I scurried over to him and said, "I need two of those, please." So now with my Alphabet Pals in hand, but still no shopping cart, I went to the baby wipe section and was able to pick up 2 tubes of Up & Up wipes.

I'm now walking around with all this in hands/arms and still no cart. Just as I came around the corner, here comes my hubby to the rescue with a shopping cart. So we proceed to guest service to checkout. Everything worked out very smoothly there. The grand total for 2 Alphabet Pals after price matching and coupons was...$1.06!!

Then I went to the regular checkout lane and bought 2 bins of Up & Up baby wipes for .61. They were on sale for $1.29 and I used this $1/1 Up & Up wipes coupon here. (This coupon is good through 12/5/ you can still get these baby wipes for really cheap.)

All together my trip to Target trip totaled $1.67 for $42.56 worth of product. Like I always say after a successful shopping trip, "Thank you, Lord!"

Did anyone else get to do this deal? If so, tell us about your success. :)


  1. I drove the forty five minutes to buy the Alphabet Pal for Colton and they were out of stock. They had nine in the system, but couldn't find them anywhere and they also told me I could not price match because it was a door buster sale at TRU. :`-( I should've just gave you the money and had you get all three. :-D I wasn't very happy on the way home. :-)

  2. Hey Britt,

    Sorry! I really thought that would be the case with me. It is very, very frustrating(especially when you drive so far)! I should have picked up the 3rd one...except I didn't print the 3rd coupon. I didn't want to push my limits with Target. :/ Better success next time!